Character Info Edit

Names Edit

Kit: Weedkit.

Warrior Apprentice: Weedpaw.

Medicine Cat Apprentice: Weedpaw.

Medicine Cat: Weedblaze.

Affiliations Edit

Currently: ShadowClan.

Past: LeopardClan (Modern).

Education Edit

Mentor: Saltheart, Nutcloud.

Apprentices: Bloodstream (unofficially), Sweetberry, Cave-echo.

Kin Edit

Mom: Wendy.

Half-siblings: Saltspeckle, Mustardfur, Snailpaw, Maplespots.

Background Edit

Weedkit was raised in ShadowClan by current nursing queens, with Saltheart keeping an eye on him. His mother, Wendy, is a kittypet that visits him about once a moon. When he was originally apprenticed as Weedpaw, he was given to Saltheart to be trained as a Warrior, but he felt very pressured due to expectations. To escape it, he ended up switching to training to become a Medicine Cat, much to Saltheart's fury. He was mentored by Nutcloud and was eventually given the name Weedblaze.