Poppystar is a large, muscular, red-and-black tortoiseshell with green eyes. Her face is mostly covered by a large ginger patch, with her muzzle being black.

Character Info Edit

Names Edit

Kit: Poppykit

Warrior Apprentice: Poppypaw.

Warrior: Poppyface.

Queen: Poppyface.

Loner: Poppyface.

Deputy: Poppyface.

Leader: Poppystar.

Affiliations Edit

Current: SkyClan

Past: Loner, LeopardClan (Modern), WindClan.

Education Edit

Mentor: Birchpelt.

Apprentices: ???

Kin Edit

Mom: Beetleshine.

Dad: Foxstar.

Sister: Leaffall.

Brother: Squirreltail.

Mate: Beestorm.

Daughters: Brightdawn, Leafbreeze, Quicksand.

Sons: Beetlekit, Sunshine.