According to all known laws of aviation, there is no way a bee should be able to speak.

Its vocal cords are too distorted to get its quiet little voice off the ground.

The bee, of course, has a voice anyway, because poppies don't care what other cats think is impossible.


Beestorm is a small, plump cream mackerel tabby with blue eyes. He is mute due to a genetic mutation with his vocal chords.

Character Info Edit

Names Edit

Kit: Beekit.

Warrior Apprentice: Beepaw.

Warrior: Beestorm.

Deputy: Beestorm.

Loner: Beestorm.

Affiliations Edit

Current: SkyClan.

Past: Loner, LeopardClan (Modern), WindClan.

Education Edit

Mentor: Yewstar.

Apprentices: ???

Kin Edit

Mom: Sunflight.

Dad: Birchpelt.

Sister: Sandkit.

Foster Mother: Beetleshine.

Foster Sisters: Leaffall, Poppyface.

Foster Brother: Squirreltail.

Mate: Poppyface.

Daughters: Brightdawn, Leafbreeze, Quicksand.

Sons: Beetlekit, Sunshine.

Early Life Edit

Beekit was born in WindClan to Birchpelt and Sunflight alongside his sister, Sandkit. Beekit and Sandkit were raised by Sunflight until they were about 2 moons old, when an outbreak of greencough hit the Clan. Greencough ended up taking both Sunflight and Sandkit's life, leaving Beekit with Birchpelt. Beetleshine, who was nursing Poppykit, Leafkit, and Squirrelkit at the time, took him in and cared for him just like his original mother, much to Foxstar's reluctance, paranoid Beekit might have greencough as well and might infect his mate and kits. Birchpelt became depressed and never really tried to go be with Beekit, but if Beekit came to him, he never pushed him away.